Snipes – Lavalava (FREEBEAT)

Lavalava Freebeat Produced by snipes
Lavalava Freebeat Produced by snipes
Snipes – Lavalava (FREEBEAT)

Snipes – Lavalava

Here is a cool Free beat from a dope beat maker Snipes, he calls it Lavalava (FREEBEAT). This beat is here to snatch your soul. That is to say, you will love it.

However, Snipes is a beat maker and has produced a lot of amazing beats. Although he is still growing and unkown yet. He started his career as a beat maker at an early age. Then, he used to make funny beats that sounds like soundtracks for video games. Funny, isn’t it. Well, now the reverse is the case. He makes all genres of beats; afrobeats, hip-hop, trap, RnB, e.t.c.Β  Although, he still knows how to make those video games soundtrack, but now in a more refined way.


This beat comes with a good quality and it’s dope as f**k. It draws you closer to your muse. Therefore, artistes will love it. If you’re good at vibing on beats, i suggest you try this one. This will make you mad. Above all, it will will inspire you. The samples used in it are crisp and cool. Apparently, that’ll make your ears happy.

Further more, Snipes a.k.a Kingsley Eze is from the East and has potentials to get to the top any time soon. He has worked with a number of artistes and is ready to work with more. You can contact him on IG @snipesgts and book a session with him. He is based in Enugu but can still work with you wherever you stay.

I myself will work with him soon, because his beats gets me mad. As for this one he just unleashed, i will surely vibe on it. Good things makes me happy.

In conclusion, this is an afrobeat. Perhaps, you will love it. You could use it for one of your songs. Check it out πŸ‘‡πŸΏ



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