Rugged C – Ekelebe + ONGOD

Picture above is an artwork for Rugged C's song "Ekelebe".

Download Rugged C – Ekelebe + ONGOD

Picture above is an artwork for Rugged C's song "Ekelebe".

Rugged C – Ekelebe + ONGOD
Rugged C shows his rhyme skills here. No doubt.

The King of the Streets is here to spice up your winter with these hits; Ongod and Ekelebe.
Bangers with Assorted punchlines.

In this post, we’ll tell you why you must download these hits


  • Rugged C got lines
  • All about Ekelebe
  • ONGOD is taking over the streets

Rugged C got lines

Right From Rugged’s previous jams, he’s always been hard-working when it comes to Punchlines. However, He delivers it in bulk on any jam he lays his rhymes. For Example, his jam “Problem” he unlocked about A year ago is spiced up with assorted punchlines. Not to talk more of these hits Ekelebe or ONGOD. he vibes;
Abobi secure your head
Okwa ekelebe
Ekelebe no b your friend o
Before they go drag your waist
Okwa ebenebe
From office to the end o

All about Ekelebe

Ekelebe means “The Police” in Igbo slangs and this song is all about the brutality and Rudeness of The Police. Especially ones exhibited lately, that led to the #endpolicebrutality and #endsars protests. Perhaps, from the above lines you already know what this jam is talking about. It’s about how the police intimidates the citizens of the country, even when they don’t commit crimes.  Therefore, I think you should try this song if you’re facing similar issues with the police. This jam is also for the hustlers. Try it, you’ll love it.


ONGOD is taking over the streets

Picture above is an artwork for Rugged C's song ONGOD.

Undoubtedly, Ongod is now like the street anthem, because it’s just like Rugged C copied and pasted the people’s minds on this jam. And currently, the song is almost on all radio stations in the East. However, that makes it spread more rapidly. This song it strictly for the hustlers and it’s got some Punchlines;
“Ongod nwaoke na aru zi nu with lastman alobam
I come put everywhere on fire Rugged C with iwe na onuma m”

“Ogbeni Ki lon shele gor gor
Can’t you see Oluwa nocking at the door door”



All songs Mixed and Mastered by Rugged C
Follow him on Instagram @rugged_c1
CEO @sxrecords1

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