R.Kelly Reported To Be Making Plans To Flee The US Amidst Investigation

R.Kelly has been reported to be under investigation in the state of Georgia following the wave of public concern caused by the docu-series that stormed the internet last week, “Surviving R. Kelly.” The docu-series is said to have led legal authorities to open up a criminal case based on the testimonies of the alleged victims and witnesses of the entertainer’s sexual misconduct as shown in the “Lifetime” production.

Although the prospect of him being placed on trial may come as a relief for some, the alleged victims are said to be worried he may leave the country in order to avoid the possibility of being prosecuted.

Reports suggest there is cause for concern as rumors are circulating about R. Kelly’s plans to round up some of his girls, which are said to be held against their will and bound in cult-like mind control, and leave the country before prosecutors have the chance to press charges against him. Sources close to the victims believe Africa may be one of the potential destinations.

The families of these girls are scared of losing all contact with their girls if ever this does come to pass. They hope R. Kelly will be prevented from traveling by having his passport ceased by legal authorities while the judicial proceedings progress.

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