Drake Beefs Up Security After Kanye West’s Rants

The feud between Kanye West and Drake has just reached another level.

Kanye West was furious for hours about Drake on Twitter last thursday, at first yearning for his attention then bashing him publicly.

In all honesty, reading it felt like what a psycological breakdown looks like. Kanye claimed that he was Drake’s biggest influence, which isn’t totally false.

He went on to say Drake threatened him, and even Kim Kardashian got involved in the Twitter war.

Since all of that went down, the security at Drake’s house has been stepped up.

According to TMZ, their sources at Hidden Hills claim that Drake has beefed up his security.

Both Kanye and Drake live in Hidden Hills, just a few blocks from each other.

The sources at the community claim that Drake now has two security guards stationed at the gate to his driveway.

A large black truck has also been reported to be sitting just inside the gate.

If Kanye stops by to confront or speak with Drake, he’s going to have to get through a ton of security.

Maybe, an OG in the game needs to mediate a meeting.

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