Bliss – Better Love

Song Art for Bliss – Better Love

Bliss – Better Love

Song Art for Bliss – Better Love
Bliss – Better Love

This hit, Better Love by Bliss is so hot and lit. Above all, the beat maker killed it with a fire beat. That is to say, you will feel the vibes once you hit the play button.


Bliss keeps puting out hot tunes. For that reason, fans love him. For example, his song E Get Why which he dropped few months ago, still gains lots of plays all day. In other words, he makes dope songs and this is why his jams stucks in charts.

He is a rapper from PH and he knows how best to go on beats. His fans call him Bliss a.k.a Onion Level Banger. Haha! I’ve not heard that name before. He is still young and unknown yet, but with all these waves he makes, he will soon get to the top.

Well, His true name is Philips Young and he is out with this lovely jam ‘Better love’ to blow our heads off. Of course, this tune is about love and beauty. As it has love in it’s title, it’s easy to predict what the song is about. The boys and the girls will love this one.

In this jam, he talks about how he fell in love with a girl but knows not how it came up. In his words, he said,  “you dae totori my body”. More so, he showed how much he would love her all day. This is the type of song one should play for his or her crush.

One El blessed this tune with a sick beat, that’ll make you nod while you listen.  One good thing about bliss’s songs is that it  has a message to give and his lyrics are cool. In addition, you can follow him on IG or Twitter @blisslennon

Lastly, this Rock & Roll song was mixed and mastered by Brite Aye. Make sure you share it on your post. Feel the groove!

Click here to download.


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