R.Kelly Is Reported To Be Having Panic Attacks Since The Premiere Of Docu-Series; “Surviving R.Kelly”

Lifetime’s docuseries “Surviving R.Kelly” is the most talked about piece of entertainment that isn’t connected to a superhero movie. The series essentially set up the imminent demise of R. Kelly’s legacy.

Over 50 people spoke candidly about the mental, physical, and sexual abuse they endured or witnessed others live through when dealing with the legendary R&B star. In the wake of all the bad press and exposing stories, there are reports that R.Kelly’s health has been declining.

Sources close to R.Kelly claim that he started suffering from panic attacks in the days leading up to the release of “Surviving R. Kelly.” Once the series premiered and celebrities all over the industry collectively shunned Kelly, his attacks got worse.

Kelly feels like people he wrote hits for are turning their backs on him, and he still believes that he did nothing wrong. The panic attacks have allegedly gotten so bad that R.Kelly had to get medical treatment. He visited a hospital on one occasion, but has hired doctors for house visits as well.

Although R.Kelly was recently spotted out partying, sources claim that he just wanted an excuse to leave the house and clear his mind. They also claimed that R.Kelly acknowledges that the public has turned against him.

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