Offset Publicly Begs Cardi B Present

If anyone had the mindset that Offset was only with Cardi B just for the sake of getting the juice, then there should probably be a quick rethink.

You would recall that we brought you news about Offset and Cardi’s break-up some time back as well as the news surrounding it.

The recent update about it now is that Offset has publicly apologised to Cardi B and says he wants her back.

The Migos’ member recently took to his Instagram page to share a video of him emotionally apologising to Cardi and hoping that she gets back with him on his birthday.

He says that is the birthday present he wants and will so much delight him if Cardi grants his request.

This definitely will be a perfect birthday/christmas gift for Offset if it happens and prepare him mentally and emotionally for the release of his forthcoming debut solo album.

Do you really think Cardi B should forgive Offset and get back with him?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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