Makayla Malaka – Eight (Album)

Makayla Malaka – Eight (Album)
Makayla Malaka – Eight (Album)
Makayla Malaka – Eight (Album)

Makayla Malaka – Eight (Album)

Firstly, Makayla Malaka – Eight (Album) is a brand new album with sauce in it, so we decided to share it with you. That is to say, all the songs on this album is a banger.

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Makayla Malaka is out with this hot album she calls ‘eight’.

The body of work house’s eight dope songs
1. Grandma Told Me
2. You Can’t Stop Me (feat. Manie X)
3. Just Dance
4. Give Me Food
5. Imagination
6. Saturday (feat. Illrymz)
7. Star
8. Lord You Are (feat. Lana)

The 8-year-old fresh talent, has set a goal for herself in her music career as she unveils these project filled with lots of love and joy.

However, this new album ‘Eight’ is here to stay for long, as the young girl shows her skills in this body of work. Big ups 👍🏾.  This is a dope work indeed.

All the songs on this album is a banger especially,  Grandma Told Me and  Just Dance. She sang like the angels🔥 🔥 🔥. That is to say these songs got flows that will make you nod your head and move your legs.

The body of work has the potentials to top charts in few hours because it’s flows and vibes are crazy. The album got it’s own spice, so listen and feel the sauce.

It is clear to us that Makayla Malaka is on her way to blow our heads off, so no cap, no one can stop her with a brand new body of work like this.

In conclusion, stream and check it out 👇🏿

So, Click here to download and stream on all platforms 👇🏿


We are here to feed your soul with good music all day long, so relax your mind and be happy! l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l

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