Kanye West Mad At Drake For Buying Front Row Tickets At Pusha T’s Show

At the end of Pusha-T’s concert in Toronto few weeks ago, a brawl broke out as people rushed the stage, resulting in an all-round fracas.

Until now, details were pretty hard to come by. Because of Drake’s popularity level in his hometown, anybody could have rushed the stage to defend the 6 God.

However, during Kanye West’s tweet spree demanding for an apology from the artiste, he seemingly revealed that the attack was ordered from Drake.

Drake and Pusha-T’s feud was one of the most intense beefs all year as the two exchanged hard-hitting diss records and uncovered tons of secret information to the world.

While there were rumblings among fans that Drake was responsible for the brawl at Pusha’s concert, Ye seems to have the inside knowledge on what really went down.

During his rant, he wrote, “Buying first two rows at Pusha show got me hot bro.”

It’s not difficult to decode what the recording artist is implying here.

Basically, Kanye is under the impression that, much like 50 Cent did ro Jarule, Drake purchased the front two rows to Pusha’s concert to make sure his goons were ready to strike when the time was right.

He added, “Stop this already bro You getting people hurt out here And over what.”

If this is a legitimate claim, Drake could potentially be facing some legal drama. What are your thoughts?

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